11th of June Webinar on LinkedIn: No cookies? No consent? No problem! How Anonymous Data Boosts Ecommerce

ODOSCOPE and TWIPLA are teaming up, pooling their expertise in eCommerce analytics and personalization. Prepare to learn how to enhance your eCommerce strategies through the power of anonymous data, AI Innovation for cookieles analytics, and much more!

1. Understanding Cookieless Analytics

What is Cookieless Analytics? Understand the essentials of cookieless analytics and its importance in today’s regulatory environment.

Challenges and Limitations: Discuss the drawbacks of traditional cookie-based methods.

Benefits: Learn how adopting cookieless analytics can lead to better compliance with privacy laws and more accurate data.

2. ODOSCOPE’s AI-Driven Personalization Approach

Innovative Methods: Discover ODOSCOPE’s unique approach to delivering personalized experiences without cookies.

Case Studies: Explore real-world examples showcasing the superiority of AI-driven personalization.

Integration: See how ODOSCOPE’s solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to enhance predictive analytics and automation.

3. TWIPLA’s Comprehensive eCommerce Statistics

Advanced Tools: Get introduced to TWIPLA’s powerful analytics tools that provide deep insights into customer behavior and store performance.

Key Features: Highlighting features like detailed eCommerce metrics, customer database management, and sales performance analysis.

Privacy Compliance: Learn about TWIPLA’s cookieless tracking system that ensures global privacy law compliance.

4. Leveraging Cookieless Analytics for Business Success

Practical Strategies: Gain practical strategies to leverage cookieless analytics for driving revenue growth and enhancing customer experiences.

Competitive Edge: Understand the competitive advantages for businesses of all sizes, with insights into achieving significant revenue uplifts through optimized product sorting.

5. Q&A Session

Engage with Dragos and Matthias in a dynamic Q&A session, addressing your questions and concerns.