Why cw_conversation cookies needed for visitor-analytics

Recently I noticed cw_conversation cookies created by app.visitor-analytics.io and www.visitor-analytics.io. It surprised me because I expected the app to be cookieless. Also, I can’t find any mention of this cookie in the Help articles.
It there any explanation for those cookies? It’s critical for me as our app is going through SOC2 certification and we need to explain each cookie our app uses to our users

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Hello @Oleksandr_Blyzniuk ,
I have forwarded this message to the technical support team and I will be back to you here, will try to make it as quick as possible.

Thanks for your time and patience,


Just received a response back from the support team:

“This is the Cookie of our Chat Widget. So, no a 1st party cookie. No Cookie on the Client Website. We are working on a solution to get rid of that Cookie as well.”

Hope this information helps,

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